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The ingredients of your success.

The best raw materials, passionate creativity and the unbroken will to put your vision of taste in a nutshell those are the ingredients with which Food Impulse enthuses its customers and ensures success.
Whether sweet or salty, bitter or sour. Whether fine creamy or firm and grainy. We give your products that certain something which inspires the connoisseur and seduces the senses. The individual touch for pure pleasure of living.

Whether soups or sauces, deli or snacks, meat or sausage, cheese or dessert. Food Impulse interprets the scent of nature and gives your product a distinctive character.

So that the nutritionally-conscious consumer also acquires a taste, we have at hand healthy and additive-free modules or flavor modules with health-promoting functions for your vital product.

What’s more, at anytime we can revert back to our database which keeps recipes available from five decades of basic research and development.

This is not only economical and reduces costs, but also makes us virtually unbeatably flexible and ensures mature product solutions for you.

  • Stocks, broths and bouillons
  • Mixed spices and spice compounds
  • Flavour modules and natural flavourings
  • Basis and frozen-plus system sauces
  • Functional semi-finished products

food impulse.
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